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~ The best of Lofts ~

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Kliczkowski Guillermo Raul The best of Lofts

The best of Lofts

Нет на складе
Автор: Kliczkowski Guillermo Raul
Издатели: te Neues, год выпуска 2001
ISBN: 95-09575-84-4
Год: 2001

The English word (how endlessly rich are monosyllables in the English language) refers to an attic or garret, to the room or compartment usually found over a stable, or to the upper floor of a storehouse. There is a quality afforded by the height, which I consider essential to the concept of loft. On the other hand, when the verb is conjugated (to loft), it refers to throwing the ball up high, and "lofty" also indicates great height, meaning tall, stately, high. To be precise, although there is no room for precise definitions in this field, the word does not define a function (as in the case of house, office, laboratory, etc.) as much as a series of architectural features. One loft can be adequate for living in, and another can be for working in. One can also live and work, which in fact is most often the case. The distinctive features are open floor plans, minimal enclosures, the exaltation of space (due to what has been said before about the height, to which we must add the large windows and a very special light), few materials and an informal atmosphere. Text in English, Spanish

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