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~ The Kingfisher Treasury of Five-Minute Stories ~

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 The Kingfisher Treasury of Five-Minute Stories

The Kingfisher Treasury of Five-Minute Stories

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Издатели: Kingfisher, год выпуска 2008
ISBN: 9780753411568
Год: 2008

There's always time for a story...Children love storytime - especially when their parents have time to share it with them. This anthology contains 22 delightful stories, all carefully selected to be both brief and entertaining. It is perfect for parents struggling to make time for reading with their children. Ideal for reading aloud at bedtime or any time, and accessible enough for newly independent readers to tackle alone, every tale from this versatile collection has the power to transport children to other worlds, introduce them to unforgettable characters, and feed their imaginations - in just five minutes!

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