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~ Alexander Rodchenko. Photography is an Art ~

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 Alexander Rodchenko. Photography is an Art

Alexander Rodchenko. Photography is an Art

Цена: 5556 руб.
Издатели: ИНТЕРРОС, год выпуска 2006
ISBN: 5-91105-013-7
Год: 2006

This book is to mark the 115th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Rodchenko. It consists of two parts, «Creative Experiment» and «Photo Reportage». This structure enables us to enter the artist’s laboratory and see how his ideas were embodied in the day-to-day work of one of the most productive photographers of the age.The quotations from Rodchenko’s articles, speeches and diary entries, his daughter’s reminiscences, his correspondence with contemporaries and the unusually rich illustrative material present a vivid and rounded picture of the personality of this great Constructivist and world famous reformer of twentieth-century photography. Much of the material is published for the first time.

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