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 Paris Vertical-Small

Paris Vertical-Small

Нет на складе
Издатели: te Neues, год выпуска 2005
ISBN: 3-8327-9030-6
Год: 2005

In order to reflect the character of Paris appropriately in my vertical photography. I had to question and re-sensitize familiar habits in how I look at things. The visual challenge was not the search for the top, the vanishing points in the sky, but the inconspicuous, the details at eye level. Award-winning photographer Horst Hamann's vertical reconnaissance trips through the world's most beautiful and romantic city have yielded an astonishing array of images in this stunning pictorial tribute to Paris. Sensitized to vertical perspectives since publishing his best-selling New York Vertical and equipped with a new panoramic camera, he painstakingly set up shot after shot, often finding himself precariously balanced off Notre Dames gargoyles, the balconies of the Pompidou Center, even the Eiffel Tower. His stark black and white compositions offer unique vertical reinterpretations of some of Europe's most recognizable cityscapes. Text in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

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