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~ Luxury Winery Estates ~

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Datz Christian, Kullmann Christof Luxury Winery Estates

Luxury Winery Estates

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Автор: Datz Christian, Kullmann Christof
Издатели: te Neues, год выпуска 2007
ISBN: 3-8327-9145-2
Серия: Luxury Books
Год: 2007

This eye-catching tome takes us inside the rarefied world of high-end wineries. Spanning a variety of architectural styles, these estates are all distinguished by their luxury. And, with a pace dictated by the seasons, they are restful respites from the world outside. We're privileged to survey a wide array of elegantly appointed living quarters - from sumptuous reception rooms to more informal settings. We get a peek at the vineyards and wine cellars, and each estate features pictures of the wine grower and their individual wine labels. Test in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

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