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~ Russian Complete Course (+ 3 CD) ~

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 Russian Complete Course (+ 3 CD)

Russian Complete Course (+ 3 CD)

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Издатели: Дельта, год выпуска 2005
ISBN: 5-94619-136-5
Год: 2005

SPEAK RUSSIAN CONFIDENCE IN JUST 6 WEEKS! Learn to speak? Read? And write Russian quickly and with Living Language. Developed by U.S. government experts, this course introduces you step-by-step to all the basics of Russian: pronunciation, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and grammar. In Russian coursebook, you'll find: - All the words and phrases from the 40 lessons on the Living Language "Russian Complete Course" recordings, plus additional vocabulary. - A guide to pronunciation. - Useful topics including directions, introductions, shopping, faxes, and e-mail. - Explanation of grammar and usage. - Short quizzes to help you check your progress. - A comprehensive summary of Russian grammar. - Verb charts including all tenses. - A special section on writing letters. Two cassettes with 40 lessons: - Begin with simple words and progress to complex phrases and sentences. - Just listen and repeat after the native speakers on the recordings to learn naturally, the way you learned English. The Complete Course include 3 CD with more than 180 minutes of recorded lessons.

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