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~ Шлягеры 30-х годов. Мировые звезды (CDmp3) ~

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 Шлягеры 30-х годов. Мировые звезды (CDmp3)

Шлягеры 30-х годов. Мировые звезды (CDmp3)

Цена: 221 руб.
Издатели: ИДДК, год выпуска 2012
ISBN: 4670009391544
Серия: Шлягеры
Год: 2012

Законодатель вкусов в популярной музыке 30-х годов - это кинематограф. Песни, исполненные любимыми актерами, мгновенно становились шлягерами. Марлен Дитрих, Ширли Росс, Бинг Кросби и многие другие разыгрывают сюжет, поют, танцуют. Все чаще на экране появляются выдающиеся музыканты, такие как Луи Армстронг, Кэб Кэллоуэй, исполняющие яркие номера по ходу фильма. Кинематограф влияет на вкусы зрителей и поспособствовал распространению такого музыкального явления, как джаз Содержание диска: 1.Fanny Brice "Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love" (Rose Tobias) (1930) 2.Lou Levin "Happy Days Are Here Again" (Yellen/Ager) (1930) 3.Rudy Vallee Trio "Stein-Song" (Vallee) (1930) 4.Bing Crosby "Three Little Words" (Ruby) (1930) 5.The Waring Girls "Tea For Two" (Caesar/Youmans) (1930) 6.Paul Whiteman & Orch. "Happy Feet" (Yellen/Ager) (1930) 7.Jeannie Lang "Ragamuffin' Romeo" (De Costa/Wayne) (1930) 8.Paul Whiteman & Orchestra "So The Bluebirds And The Blackbirds" (Barns/Moll) (1930) 9.Bing Crosby "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams" (Koehler/Moll/Barris) (1931) 10.Comedian Harmonists (1931) "Les Gars De La Marine" (Heymann/Boyer) 11.Marlene Dietrich (1931) "Falling In Love Again" (Hollaender) 12.Gene Autry (1931) "That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine"(Autry/Long) 13.Comedian Harmonists (1931) "J'aime Une Tyrolienne" (Reisfeld/Marbot) 14.Maurice Chevalier (1932) "Mimi" (Rodgers/Hart) 15.Bing Crosby (1932) "Sweet Georgia Brown" (Casey/Pinkard/Bernie) 16.Fred Astaire "We're In The Money" (Dubin/Warren) (1932) 17.Mildred Bailey "Rockin' Chair" (Carmichael) (1932) 18.Russcolumbo "Paradise" (Clifford/Brown) (1932) 19.Bing Crosby & Mills Brothers "Dinah" (Lewis/Young/Akst) (1932) 20.Fred Astaire "Night And Day" (Porter) (1932) 21.Bing Crosby "Did You Ever See A Dream Walking"(Gordon/Revel) (1933) 22.Comedian Harmonists "Veronique Le Frintemps Est La" (Jurmann/Manopret) (1933) 23.Gene Autry "The Yellow Roee Of Texas" (Trad./Autry) (1933) 24.Ginger Rodgers "Music Makes Me" (Youmans/Ellscu/Kahn)(1933) 25.Fred Astaire "Flying Down To Rio" (Youmans/Eliscu/Kahn) (1933) 26.Joan Crawford & Fred Astaire "Heigh-Ho The Gang's All Here" (Lane/Adamson) (1933) 27.Cab Calloway "Jitterbug" (Calloway/Mills/Swayze) (1934) 28.Mae West "My Old Flame" (Johnston/Coslow) (1934) 29.Cole Porter "You're The Top" (Porter) (1934) 30.Helen Morgan "Frankie And Johnny" (Traditional) (1934) 31.Lew Sherwood "I Only Have Eyes For You" (Dubin/Warren)(1934) 32.Shirley Temple "On The Ship Lollipop" (Clare/Whiting) (1934) 33.Edythe Wright "The Music Goes Round And Around" (Hodgson/Farley/Riley) (1935) 34.Dick Powell "Lullaby Of Broadway" (Warren/Dubin) (1935) 35.Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers "Cheek To Cheek" (Berlin)(1935) 36.Ginger Rogers "I'll Be Hard To Handle" (Kern/Dougall) (1935) 37.Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy "Ah! Sweet Mistery Of Life" (Young/Herbert) (1936) 38.Bing Crosby "Pennies From Heaven" (Johnston/Burke) (1936) 39.Gene Krupa "Swing Is Here" (Krupa/Eldridge/Berry) (1936) 40.Bunny Berigan "I Can't Get Started" (Gershwin/Duke) (1936) 41.Guy Lombardo "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon" (Jacobs/Kahn/Chaplin/Secunda)(1937) 42.Lionel Hampton "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" (Fields/Mc Hugh) (1937) 43.Skinny Ennis "Got A Date With An Angel" (Grey/Miller/Waller/Tunbridge) (1937) 44.Edythe Wright "The Big Apple" (Berner/Emmerlich) (1937) 45.Louis Prima "Sing Sing Sing" (Prima) (1937) 46.Guy Lombardo "Boo Hoo" (Lombardo/Heyman/Loch) (1937) 47.Harry Roy "Goodnight Children Everywhere" (Rogers/Phillips) (1937) 48.Fats Waller "Honeysuckle Rose" (Waller/Razaf) (1937) 49.Shirley Temple "In Our Little Wooden Shoes" (Pollack/Mitchell) (1937) 50.Allan Jones "Donkey Serenade" (Wright/Forrest/Friml/Stothart) (1938) 51.Bea Wain "Martha" (Flotow/Clinton) (1938) 52.Artie Shaw "Begin The Beguine" (Porter) (1938) 53.Bing Crosby "My Melancholy Baby" (Norton/Burnett) (1938) 54.Tommy Dorsey Orchestra "Boogie Woogie" (Smith) (1938) 55.Comedy Harmonists "Whistle While You Work" (Churchill/Murray) (1938) 56.Andrew Sisters "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon" (Secunda/Kahn/Chaplin/Jacobs) (1938) 57.Ella Fitzgerald "F.D.R. Jones" (Rome) (1938) 58.Bob Hope & Shirley Ross "Thanks For The Memory" (Rainger/Robin) (1938) 59.Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire "The Yam" (Berlin) (1938) 60.Fred Astaire "Change Partners" (Berlin) (1938) 61.Glenn Miller & His Orchestra "Moonlight Serenade" (Parish/Miller)(1939) 62.Kate Smith "God Bless America" (Berlin) (1939) 63.Bea Wain "Deep Purple" (De Rose) (1939) 64.Flanagan & Allen "The Umbrella Man" (Cavanaugh/Rose/Stock) (1939) 65.Pat Taylor "And The Angels Sing" (EIman/Mercer) (1939) 66.Carroll Gibbons "Ten Little Miles From Town" (Green/Stept) (1939) 67.Al Bowlly "A Man And His Dream" (Monaco/Burke) (1939) 68.Delia Murphy "The Spinning Wheel" (Waller/Murphy) (1939) 69.Glenn Miller & His Orchestra "In The Mood" (Razaf/Garland) (1939) 70.Judy Garland "Over The Rainbow" (Arlen/Harburgey) (1939) 71.Charlie Barnet Orchestra "Cherokee" (Noble) (1939) 72.Adelaide Hall "Transatlantic Lullaby" (Wright/MacDermot/Morgan) (1939) 73.Andrew Sisters "Beat Me Paddy Eight To The Bar" (Raye/Prince/Sheehy) (1939) 74.Gene Autry "Back In The Saddle Again" (Autry/Whitley) (1939) 75.Helen O'Connell "Comes Love" (Brown/Stept/Tobias) (1939) 76.Joe Loss Banp "Until We Meet Again" (Evans/Damerell) (1939) 77.Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth "A Paradise For Two" (Tate/Harris/Valentine) (1939) 78.Nat Gonella "Taint What You Do" (Oliver/Young) (1939) 79.Anne Lenner "And The Angels Sing" (Mercer/Elman) (1939) 80.Bing Crosby & Frances Langford "I'm Falling In Love With Someone" (Herbert/Johnson-Young) (1939) Общее время звучания: 4 ч. 10 мин. 192 kBit/sec o 44,1 kHz, Stereo o MPEG Audio Layer 3 Системные требования: Операционная система: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP Процессор: CPU Pentium 100 MHz Память: 16 Mb RAM SVGA CD-ROM: 4x

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